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Our Gurantee

Quality assured with our parts warranty

One unique aspect of buying a genuine Rack Doctor part for your Car or Truck from an authorised Rack Doctor distributor is that every single part they supply carries a 12 month parts warranty from the date of purchase. This will cover the buyer for most expenses – labour* as well as parts – incurred as a result of any subsequent failure of the part within the first year.

Every genuine Rack Doctor part carries a 12 month warranty. No other, unofficial supplier of replacement parts can even attempt to compete with this. That is because only Rack Doctor has designed, built and tested the original component or part.

At Rack Doctor, we know the part you order will do the job you need. That is because we will have built it in line with the original specification.

Cost vs value

For some, the choice of a Rack Doctor part will come down to weighing up the initial cost of a part against its lifetime value. In some cases, the initial up-front cost of a replacement part from a non-official supplier may appear appealing, however, that part will not carry a 12 month warranty, it will not have been built to our standards and it may well fail quickly. For the sake of a small initial saving the longer-term cost to you may be far greater.

The warranty is far wider than simply a promise to replace any faulty part supplied by a Rack Doctor distributor. It covers the reimbursement of costs associated with a host of additional areas including:

  • Engine related materials
  • Related engine damage caused by the initial Rack Doctor genuine purchased part failure.

*Labour and travel is only covered where an authorised Rack Doctor agent has undertaken the work.

Confidence in parts and products

It is also an expression of Rack Doctor belief in its range of parts and products. Rack Doctor is absolutely confident that what the customer is buying will more than stand up to any demands or tests placed on it.

Of course, there are understandable common sense exceptions and limits to the scope of the Rack Doctor parts warranty. This means the warranty will not cover the purchaser (or a third party) for consequential costs such as the hire of replacement equipment, any costs associated with towing or overtime payments to staff who may have been caught up in the repair work. Nor will Rack Doctor accept liability where parts have been altered, maintained, stored, or serviced in a manner not in accordance with published recommendations or good practice.

However, as a total package, the part plus warranty combination has proved very popular with Rack Doctor customers across the globe and with good reason.